Relationship Selling

flyer,-rupiya,-paisa,nm n-pyaar1My final exams are starting from tomorrow. I hate sales management and need to start studying like now. Have sifted through half of my notes and came across marketing insights in relationship selling. Thought that I should jot it down so I can remember the kind of shit I was reading in my final year.

  • People buy from those they like and trust.
  • People buy with their emotions and justify it with logic and facts.
  • People always act in their own best interests.
  • You cannot sell to someone who is unable to buy.
  • The product is not the product.
  • Features are not benefits.
  • Problem solving comes before solution selling.
  • People are stupid.
  • People are so tied down by societal expectations and institutions they cannot think for themselves and believe that the only way they can be happy is if they live their lives like every other sad motherfucker out there.
  • Why are so many people getting married? It’s none of my business but it’s also making me super anxious.
  • People get killed in some places for eating beef.
  • Sonu Nigam just shaved his head.

Disclaimer: Some of the bullets are less real than the others.




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