I Want A Dyke For President


^^^^ my best of the internet for now. Check it.

Also, not to take anything away from the video, but please don’t read this space for the best of the internet. Or the best of anything.  This is no place for that. We deal with real dirty shit here. ( We {?], question that mark}) Low thugs, punks and see through all laid bare whimsical weird not popular wanting real “practical” “sorted” (hopefully atleast aesthetically sorted ( God you don’t know how much I hate this word. sorted–the opposite of snorted. You cannot because you don’t fucking exist. ***Also fun fact- I have been accused of calling Jesus Christ Santa Claus or vice versa. I don’t know how that makes sense. Don;t remember the context either. My Instagram is weird but also keep in mind, its not a cool weird or the kind of weird that gets people going, oh wow she keeps it real or I know what she means but really the kind of weird people don’t care about { which works for me. Also I don’t want to talk about my Instagram cos I don’t really give alot of shits. It’s random af.**** {%+ yet dreamy jobs/life/friends vibe only. Plz.

Also my attitude towards commas is exhausting really. Why does it even exist? ( I meant the attitude not the comma). How the fux am I harbouring dreams of starting my own publication house or whatever  [[which I currently want to call soap } even like existing. In this blog I just use them wherever. Like what the fuck. Will work towards seeping that grammar and style and what not into my system or something but for now  I want a dyke for president/prime minister. Actually I want the entire government to be from the LGBTQ and then quotas for like straight people or something. Or fuck straight people. Maybe my next blog post should be about does anyone want to fuck straight people anymore? Maybe that’s why I am still not fucked. yeah. OBVIOUSLY THAT’S IT. I have cracked the code. What an absolute load of shit. Great.

A good forever to you too!


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